A downloadable game for Windows

The player takes a journey to the edge of the Solar System to find out if humanity is in danger. 

It is the year 2050. Humanity has discovered a new method for quick space travel. The player assumes the role of the pilot on the latest prototype vessel. A series of recent incidents code-named "Anomalies" have been recorded throughout the solar system. The player must visit each location of these anomalies, at varying locations.

During the trip, the player must manage the ship’s fuel and sleep, be aware of cosmic radiation, mechanical failures, and damage to the ship's hull. The micro-management of these features will constitute important part of the game, encompassed by an overarching story with several plot-twists.

The second most important part of a game will be solving puzzles and fighting enemies.

In some respects the game is similar to Elite Dangerous (mainly due to the appearance of the cockpit of the ship), but offers an interesting role-playing mission and many more activities to do.

This version of the game has very limited functionality, customized for testing purposes.

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For more info about final game please visit http://lonelyadventure.com


lonely-adventure-preview-1-win.zip 1 GB
Version 4 Dec 03, 2018